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                   Though this first part of this message is written in context with the barminess of the site the
                   intentions towards, and respect for, copyright owners rights. are always the paramount priority.
                    so read further for the serious means for quick and effective steps to remedy infringement.

                  So you have espied a pic that belongs to you which, honest! my good Sir or gorgeous M'ladeey
                 twas accepted in good faith as free in order to spread much uncontrollable glee,  You have a
                 number of super rights options, you can leave have the the offending but smashing pic removed,
                 you can demand we put your good name in the copyright list at the bottom of the said page or
                 you can request a link to your smashing piccy source (have you any more smashing piccys in said
                source) and you might well order a notification in the not too distant future of the means in
                which you might be financially reimbursed from the use of any spiffing images.
 (*) all are required to be filled

1. Want to earn cash-
Email From:*

2. Remove my smashing pic*

3. Name credit and / or link*

These details will only be held for as long as
absolutely necessary and can be removed from our database at any time. To submit your removal of a link or named credit request
click here

1. This field must be filled in for the form to work.
If you want notification in the not too distant future of the means in which to swell your coffers with cash please
input your email address and the words
'Gosh I fancy earning cash' and we will send by autmatic return details of legal requirements. which will include that you will have to provide evidence of who you are, where you are and that you own the claimed copyright, a letter from your mother or bestis friend
 will not suffice.
If you have too much cash already and no
need for any more please type in
 and then fill in option 2 or 3 also.

2. Please type      remove my smashing pic      in this field.
AND your email address and we will email you by automatic return the requirements needed to serve as proof of your entitlement to command this sad event.

3. Please state whether you want a name credit on the gallery page and / or a link to your page or for you to link to our page.
again you will receive an automatic response that tells you what you must provide as evidence of copyright ownership in order that we do not incur a counterclaim.  

Do not attempt to perfom dupery and claim undeserved copyright
ownership for such remedy purposes when tis known by yourself to be a big fat untruth, as such misrepresentation
have future legal repurcussions for your (hoping your are)self

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