Just help yourself to my free animated Lemmegrams.

What the heck is a Lemmegram? I sense you pondering.

Tis nothing more than a byte sized nugget of an animated entertaining greeting that can be bestowed upon your chosen recipient whether it be an ode to the object of your 'hopefully appropriate' desire declaring warm 'n'mushy love,  or a means of greeting a person upon the annual event of their advancing decrepitness or merely wishing to spoil some lazy blighters attempt to catch some extra morning Zeds
You can choose to download these or send them without haste therefore bestowing immediate pleasure or not using the send to a friend link.
When you have cast your beady optical organs over the sample below click your desired free greetings from the lists. You can choose as many as you like as long as you are not swelling your coffers to impress the evil manager de la banque or keep you in the life style to which you would love to be accustomed. To earn in such a manner you must obtain the necessary license. these are FREE for FREE use only. This motley assortment will grow so keep your watchful optical organs on this space.
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Some of my Lemmegrams have noisy effects so be careful upon whom you bestow these. Don't be using them to fast track your inheritance, Well not without the requisite licens, so we receive our commission.

Feel free to bombard me with your suggestions for Lemmegrams
but ensure they are squeaky clean and inoffensive my good buddies as the aim is simple
'glee inducing' barminess.
download-free-fun      HAPPY BIRTHDAY                     CONGRATULATIONS
 Hey! happy birthday dude
           Congratulations (with poppers) above          Happy birthday with balloons           Congratulations to both of you
 Happy birthday                                Hey congratulations dude
 Hey! happy birthday                         Congratulations
 more-about-lemmeout     GOOD MORNING                         LOVE / VALENTINES
Rise and shine                              How much I love you (with hearts      
Good morning                               How much I love you
Get your lazy butt outa bed               Someone loves you(with hearts)
Hey good morning
             TV       VOTE FOR
Addicted to TV (boggle eyed) Lemme for President
Too much Tv (boggle eyed) Lemme for Priminister
       COOL TRICK                               Yodelling      OH! YEH
 NICE DAY         SEE YOU                 BEST FRIEND                   HMM!
 Have a nice day         Hey! you coming round tonight Hi! Your so cute
Happy fathers day Hey! see you tonight. Hey! your my best friend
Hey! when will I see you Hey! your officially my best friend
I'll be home - gladrags Best friend(hypnosis)
I'll be home -pizza
Party invite(with poppers)  
What you up to dude?

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