HOME  -Welcome to the home page of LemMeOut!, a barmy place with lots of free fun.   Partake in barmy interactive tomfoolery with me LemMe Out! and your favourite photographs, download my free cartoon animation videos to share, get free fun animated Lemmegram greetings, make someone laugh out loud, titter or merely raise a smile all in an attempt to spread uncontrollable glee.

FREE MOBILE DOWNLOADS - This fun animated movie download is the first in a series of LemMeOut's constant and hapless attempts to escape his digital prison. Aprox 40 seconds (Aprox 1 min 30 secs with spoof credits) of funny cartoon CGI animation  My lovable creators commissioned the talents of the incredibly talented Neil Smith of NBS studios Uk to help make this movie, his animation skills complimenting perfectly their barminess.

FREE ANIMATED LEMMEGRAM GREETINGS -Partake in a download fest, with lots of free fun downloads, these mini LemMeOut! animation greetings are freely available for you to download as many as you want to send to friends or family and keep on your ipod, mobile or pc. Send Birthday,Father's day, Mothers Day, New Year day, St Patrick's day, I got a new dog day, the postman bent my letter day or any other occasion day greetings or maybe just a 'get your lazy butt out of bed' greeting.

THE KNICK  KNACKERY GIFT SHOP p To quote me 'LemMe' a visit to this gift shop will enable you to buy my "mug on mugs and sport a snug Tee with my lovable adorable self on' or use one of your own specially manipulated personal images to place on knick-knackery such as mouse mats, posters, tee shirts, cups, mugs or other such desirable objects. These make smashing gifts for your loved ones. Copyright owners-coming soon is the chance for owners of copyrighted pictures to earn money from your pictures.

- Regular fun cartoon animation blogs that are free to download where my goodself LemMe Out!  vigorously and dutifully delivers with comic effect 'and hopefully you consider' witty tit bits 
of chit chatty nuggets of topical ‘or not’ barmy info.

E-TRICKERY TOOL -The Amazing  e-trickery tool is an image generator which allows you to change anot so smashing picture into a super spiffing image to partake in Out & About Tomfoolery, you can dupe the good public into thinking you are having larks with me, Lemme, you can send your 'once not so smashing now super spiffing' piccy to be placed in the Gallery D'Glee to pleasure the public. Or you can e-trick your piccy onto a smashing bit of Knick-Knackery such as a marvelous mug or mouse mat.  What a smashing prezzie you could bestow upon some lucky recipient ensuring many moments of daily glee.  Imagine partaking of a fine beverage from a smashing vessel affixed with my handsome image whereby you can enjoy a looming vision of my goodself every time you enjoy a sip of your favoured beverage.

The basic gist about me LemMe Out! is I'm an occasionally cheeky but, mostly lovable and particularly handsome byte sized entity who inhabits and travels the digital highways and byways of your global communication networks with a self appointed mission to spread glee through utter barminess with my fun cartoon animation free downloads.

- Theres lots to come in the not too distant future

Just a couple of simple pleasures to offer a few moments of Gleeful distraction from the daily grind.

Join the barmy army and partake in true utter barminess in my Out and About expose where with your assistance in dupery you can manipulate images for no other reason than to idle away time, unselfishly spread a little glee or e-trick your duplicitous image onto a gift for someone you love or not.  Please make sure the images you use are your own or open source shareware do not use copyrighted images that you do not have permission to use. We accept no responsibility for unlicensed use.

TERMS -Yawwwwn!   The boring but unfortunately important bits

CONTACT  contact@lemmeout.com
see specific contact link for copyright when you click on regular contact link.

LICENSING -A FREE way to use my copyrighted utter barmniess to entertain your friends or visitors without incurring the wrath of my bosses or legal chappies, receiving a smite across your barmy head with the back of a lardy hand or being tracked and reported to which- ever server partakes in the offending copyrighted perjury.  Its simple all you need do read carefully what you can do for free and if you wish to USE FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES simply request licensing terms conditions and rates.    Also earn commission from your super smashing piccys.

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 Lemmeout aiming to encourage your talented wit and create the funniest lol pictures of lemme and funny animals, cute animals and funny pictures of people and offer free animated                                                                                                        greeting downloads and funny personalised gifts
lol-lemmeout-trademarkis a registered trademark no. 2435744  and lol-with-lemmeoutis a registered design no. 4000175 and the LemMeOut! Out and About story and animations and movies are copyright protected by world wide intellectual property rights. Most of the LemMeOut! content (limited to funny pictures, animated greetings and animated movie downloads (not graphics such as buttons or logos) on this site is free to share for non commercial social networking purposes but a paid licence must be sought for commercial use whether by individual or company for use of the Lemmeout IP content.  The lemmeout content may only be used in a totally clean suitable for all manner in order to protect the integrity of the brand. These funny lol pictures in our galleries are pictures we have accepted in good faith from users as either owned by the user or being from open source- free to share sources, if however you tell us differently we will on proof, either remove immediately or offer other remedies such as we will give named credits or links or offer the potential to earn commission from your copyright property.  If you submit an image to this site in doing so you are claiming either copyright or stating the belief that the image is from a free to share share source and are accepting responsibility for and liability of any future legal repercussions for copyright infringement as we cannot be held responsible for any such infringement as we have clearly stated in our terms and conditions and clearly and constantly throughout this site the terms for submitting images.  .All actual lemmeout copyright 2005-2008
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