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Good Day my fine friends today’s picture bears the possibility of throwing your disposition into a frazzled nervous entanglement of a mess type and therefore comes complete with a disclaimer stating that you pursue any inquisitive perusal at your very own peril.

I had been out on my daily perambulation to boost my constitution and keep my physique in fine fettle as being an entertainer for the benefit of pleasuring the good public I have a firm belief it is essential that I am not offensive to the optical organ.  This said belief is due to the possiblity that if any goodly person happening to glance upon me whilst partaking in a beverage or feast and evidenced any kind of unnerving apparition it could consequentially cause an unpleasant gag or heave of either dry or fruition type with catastrophic result.  

Ironically!  I happened upon this beast, evidenced above, of surely otherworld origin, sporting an appearance
which set my own system of tendons that test the tenacity of a settled temperament jangling faster than a fiddlers elbow and I might add with a hint of a bitter miff brought my jaunty saunter to an abrupt halt I can tell you.

My initial inclination at the visual plight of said beast had been to prod this blighted pet with an intention to enquire if I could bring about an incurrence of comfort of both a physical kind and of a knowledge that I bore no discrimination due to his appalling and frankly offensive state.   Thankfully this, potentially bout of savagery inducing, inclination was tempered by a snarl of unearthly and initimidaing type and replaced this, I now believe foolish notion, with a lack of desire to be involved in some kind of tangible entanglement with this hell hound that vehemently believed never possesed a pair of puppy eyes. 

I tried to stick firm to my indiscriminate mind and stated quietly to myself in order not to incure an adverse reaction from, lassie, old yeller, old shep, yes even now I can still muster up a jest. that why! from the eyebrows up he could with a cursory glance appear approachable due to his sporting of a rather pleasant white coif unpon his evil dead head but every sense of common type that I possessed did scream to me,  LemMe! not if he possesed a complementary snowy white beard, was attired in a fetching red ensemble over a homely and portly girth and barked "ho ho ho" should you endeavour anything other than a safe passage from this undoubtedly terrifying, said evil dead terminating type. 

Therefore after such passage had occurred transporting me back to the land of the living I did, from a safe harbour of a lengthy distance, due to my charitable nature, loudly proclaim "Sir,
whilst tis admirable your good self has not succumbed to the transatlantic quest for eternal youth through cosmetic correction, I fear your highly-unsightly appearance and vile temperament highlight the fact that more than a tad of effort is lacking with regards to both your personal make-up and deportment and therefore you might appreciate my advice to start curbing your highly unsociable said temperament, apply a daily embrocating nutrional salve to your clearly ravaged epidermis and attend to your neglected dentistry and with that I hopped in the event that despite his form of near-dead state he might possess a supernatural swiftness 

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