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Good day my fine friends.  Today’s picture shows the absolutely spiffing result of an initial folly of mine to venture into the world of designer constructibles, yes no less than knocking-up assets of habitat type for kerchingable gain.

I had been warned that to the uninitiated a blue print can be a testy piece of instruction to get ones wits and opticals to grips with.   Well let it be known that LemMe has trekkie inclination and therefore is always ready to boldly venture where wimps have failed to tread and all that malarkey, why! there’s the maverick in me, daring to be putting me own bold twist on the boldly-goes palaver.   Well suffice to say a couple of scrats of paper with fanciful scribbles holds no threat to moi so I poo-pooed the fools that wasted advice and voila you see I was right and by Jove I wish I had enforced a wager of fiscal type.

Why pink? I hear your disembodied gasp surely you are inviting a detriment to your commercially beneficial market potential. Well I vehemently state WHY NOT!
I am after all, am I not, a maverick and as such I follow no crowds and I do as jolly well pleases I, why I’ve half a mind to, this very instant, here and now without any dilly dallying, scramble up a scaffold of tiered trestle type with the remaining 50 gallons of I must say my ten dollar colective bargain of buckets of decorative daub, and just for the heck of it run amok its pale entirety it with a wash of this pretty and fetching shade just to spite those whose individual spirit is sadly impeded.

I do declare this is a visual treat to any optical organ, of admittedly an unsuspected topsy-turvy type, due to I believe an inadvertent intervention in the form of channelling from the universe stimulating my creative senses, and 'twould be a proud haven for all from a Toff to a man of commonality as long he nobly bears an individual air. 

Well eccentrics have always borne the brunt of scoff and scorn and yours truly was no exception and had no intention of heeding harsh words of buffoon type and aspersions as to a misreading of the plans whilst standing on my barmy bonce.  Now if you please I shall expend no time on delay and will enter this fine piece of this incidental artistic installation for the Pritzker Architecture Prize and we‘ll be seeing who has the scoff-de-finale.

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