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Good day my fine friends exploiting the current lucrative errm I mean public awareness of the emotive creation of art of modernity today’s blog will be a frank discussion exploring the significance of my latest art installation.  It will be held by other parties due to in no small part my very own exhaustion at overseeing the unruly apprentices who created my masterpiece.    The discussion will be fronted by my agent (to the stars) Isaac Howbouy (he of prophetic parents) who will on my behalf join  Honor Stee, the assistant, but aspiring, editor to the esteemed medium of digital gripe The Peoples Choice.  They will be accompanied by Joe Public from England and in a circumstance of twilight zone type John Q Public from the big old USA both average men selected at random, they assure, me there’s no correlation there has been no rigging, nepotism or other malarkey, yes I know you find that incredulous but tis just sheer coincidence.   Finally, joining them will be the renowned critical Oracle of the Arts Austin Tayshush who has replaced a Bill Shut I believe, who at the last minute, due to a mix up over his name caused by he claims, a computer error misspelling his name, therefore barring him from access to this hallowed circle as if it says black is white on the computer file then it might has well have been stated by God as the computer is never wrong therefore and Bill shut exists not.

Well I shall hand you over.

Isaac Howbouy   “Good day today we will be discussing the significance of my protégé‘s, I prefer this nom de affection as client is too clinical, latest creation  

Stop the World I Want to get off    FIRST”        I have his emotions and inspirations here on my paper but most earnestly in my heart.   It is a portrayal of a glimmer of hope in a world of near vanquished faith.

Austin Tayshush        “Its so terribly immense, you might have to forgive me, I am overcome with empathy both for its subject matter and the apparent torture of this luminary soul that created it.”

Honor Stee -             “You mention inspiration just who is the Muse for his Cash cow brand”

Joe public -               “Huh that  b***%y  King Midas chappie I’ll  be betting”

Isaac Howbouy -      “Life!   You!   I!   The Masses,  everyone from the misery of the poor deprived child in Africa or India that is not able to bear witness to his talent through lack of gadgetry to the afflicted leader that knows what havoc he wreaks and so hopefully cannot enjoy his spoils due to counting down to his karmic comeback.  LemMe has captured the essence of all this angst.”  

John Q public -          “So what’s it all about, oooh I’m sorry for that mistake, oops sorry, I mean faux pas, from whence does it derive its significence”

Isaac Howbouy -      “Well lets get to the heart of this wondrous message, lets crawl into the creative intellect. first, the place de installation, the Arteeste boldly broke boundaries when he chose this environment as it is a place of a personal function in a private household this is significantly symbolic of mans continual lack of respect for, and invasion of, the personal and private, space, property and dignity of others”

Austin Tayshush -     “I knew it of course, I saw it immediately, the blatant violation of man against mans tangibles is screaming out to all but the dense“.

Honor Stee-               “What about his errm I’m sure deliberate use of materials and subject”

Isaac Howbouy-         “ The material of his chosen medium is the specifically chosen paper this signifies that well something has to clean up the errrm Global mess, and we see, through the significance of the paper’s perfect white presence, that some divine intervention non the less will have to be the saviour and restore some sanity, faith and knock a few heads together to muster up some common sense to rectify the innumerable wrongs.   This particular mess displayed here in itself speaks volumes note how the symbol of good, hope the saviour the divine are to the left signifying that the subject to the right is favoured by the divine.  Note the chosen beast holds a stance of almost heraldic mock that does state strip your flags and armed coats bearing insignia of beasts whilst you plunder the very same for experiments, profit and pies.  Well that worm has turned and I stand here in a stance of defiant contraposition.   I look you square in the eye and impart my ambiguous message by my very position, from henceforth thspeak only to my butt and yes I have to keep an eye on my back all the darn well time.

Note the negative space at the right depicting the barrenness that will surely result if the errm mess is not wiped up by the divine.  See also how man is absent totally this again is ambiguous and depicts his own personal transient insignificance in the scheme of things and that he has legged it for others to clean up his debris.”
Austin Tayshush    “I’m completely in awe of this message from the medium of Lem it makes me crave with want to touch this wonder but I will be content with my lot to bask in its rays of brilliance humbled in the knowledge I could never deliver such a poignant piece and go forth and deliver its message to my awaiting public at a dinner party.”

Joe Public -  “Gullible $$%^&  you mean.”

Austin Tayshush -   “You Philistine  you clearly have lack the sophistication and ability to  appreciate such genius and are apparently not familiar with the Avant Garde

Joe Public -    “I can only honestly assure you I waste no time in viewing it and have the full ability to recognise a blasted awful piece when such misfortune befalls me .”

John Q  Public    “Right, so this lavatory addict, is he messing with our minds, just trying to make a fast buck out of cobbled together tat and pets then whipping up a cock n bull story and ha dee ha ha all the way to the bank”

Isaac Howbouy    “That my friend to an arteest is tantamount to blasphemy, each piece is specifically placed, often whilst in a pained state of mind by the creator who tirelessly expresses his visions and ideals in a labour of love”

Honor Stee     “Right Yeh if you say so, ok lets move go on I’m strapped for time, what about the narrative that accompanies this work of tat eerrm sorry Freudian, see I am educated, slip, art.”

Isaac Howbouy  “Well the title speaks volumes it emphasizes the voice of the masses in this  the crazy freefalling decline of society.   The bold use of the last word FIRST highlights the selfish mind that is foremost in all but a few good man.  The irregular form of the writing represents again disarray and disorder of the world today. The text of red pigmented shades  represents one mans blood spilt for another’s gain, the palette of a range of hues for each of the words screams its ambiguous message that it represents the voices, heard or not, depending on, as you see with the last word FIRST, that the selfish cry loudest but also the colours are faded to show the soon forgotten memory of those who have lost blood” Not through their own careless lack but through mans inhumanity to man

The artist name is boldly displayed another representation of a selfish mind and the publics rightful perception that luminaries are to be prominent above all others.”


John Q Public -  “What about the artists representation of himself in this ermm….”

Isaac howbout   “ Yes I was about to embark on a journey into this significant evidence, Well  clearly he holds up his hands in despair and almost as if he has in his hands the whole, and this is the frightening prophecy, world that is no longer there “ 

Austin Tayshus     “I forewarned you I might be overcome with empathy and emotion with the sheer magnitude of this and I feel I might fall prey to a faint therefore ask you to put intellectual differences aside and if such should occur would you catch my figure before it reaches a prone and perhaps detrimental state“.

Honor Stee     “My readers feel that the biggest contribution that art of modernity type offers is its incredible ability to mock pretension by pushing the boundaries of what could often be described as infantile or garage sale type tat to the edge of sensible form for the frippery purpose of the ultimately gullible and that the resulting bounty if it were not the result of this willing gullibility would practically be tantamount to theft” so might I ask what your `protégé`  would say to this and is this easy reaping really why he bandies his brand”

Isaac Howboy  xzzzzzzzzz    zzz wassatt zzzzz
Joe Public zzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzz
John Q Public  zzzzzzz zzzzzzz zzzzz
Austin Taysush zzzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzz
Honor Stee and might i just add t....  zzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzz

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