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Good day my fine friends today’s picture imparts upon you a little nugget of wisdom
"A foot ‘n mouth type disaster is not only a detriment to cows” 

I had thought this motley assortment of apparently all round fine chappish types would take my good self and individual character, without discrimination, into the bosom of their nature-boy hearts and had felt well, quite humbled to have been invited on their heroic expedition in the hunt for an elongated piece of slippery prey, unfortuitously not forseeing that yours truly would potentially become said suppery prey.

Yes, we had jointly sported in our mass for the capture of this lengthy pet and in my eager need to become a pack affiliate I had perhaps in a tad too braggart type mode boasted about the sizable bounty to be reaped from the prolific number of celebrity fripperies it would produce not forgetting the edible dishes of delicacy type and I further bandied boyish banter in the form of "bring on more sporty activity, lets forage this tropical forest for more feral unfortunates and let the trophy trail and tomfoolery begin".  

Well woe betide me and my apparently erroneous choice of commercially attractive and chumpish chit chat which it transpires incurred the wrath of both the beast laden bounders and the fancy patterned assassin who endeavoured to engage me in a hypnotic glance, flexed his gesticulating jaws and prepared to engage my good self in an entaglement of  grim
and engorged type.

Well despite the lack of intoxicating beverage and popular tunes the scenario became akin to that of a Friday night in a downtown bar for nocturnal Neanderthals, and the crazed cads did bay for my body and blood as beastly booty, as I, in blunderous buffoonery, had mistakenly perceived a benevolent act as a callous cash-cow chase.

The pet prey hunt had apparently been an endeavour to remedy an ailment that did blight this low, literally life type and was therefore only a temporary measure as these ooops, veterinary types had only the beast's best interest, not bounty, at heart and were only, far, too pleased to let me partake in the further larks I had been mustering up in manly fashion but this time I would be the unfortunate prey.  Well hats off to the wonder worm, tis admirable the distance the beast did cover and in its, questionable,apparent infirm state.  I cannot relate the tale of the chase as to do so brings back horrors that interfere with my slumber for months but praise daily, to all who care to listen, the genius who thankfully invented the dart of tranquil state that one of the cads did conscientiously launch such a missile into the monstrous marauder upon which I could fell pray to a faint in the under-growth but thankfully came to before becoming to a full feast for the forrest
foraging grubs

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