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Good day my fine friends
Here you see yet another foray of mine into a the world of commercial enterprise but not without I must add a dash of my own unique bashing-down barriers designer flair.

Using antifouling materials that boasted in braggarty marketing fashion, a guarantee to withstand an onslaught of barnacles on the bottom of Sea, nay! any aquatic, faring vessels therefore providing a spiffing coat of all weather type and bestowing the confident comfort of never a mould within a rrespectable number of years, I enhanced the coats of these admittedly cute but otherwise quite character bereft, not that there’s anything wrong with that unless it niggles the individual, cats.

Always ready to boldly venture where lesser fops have dared to tread, and armed with an appropriate tool of the pastime of art, I said "be-gone with stereotypical casts and lets half-inch a look from, dare I say, a pet of other genre, lets not dabble however with genetics it costs a princely sum and could result in many a malfunction, no we will use the afore referred to liquid substance in, an always chic, shade of ebony for the purpose of providing that factor that wows and is apparently necessary for any who dare to assume a purpose in a shallow society.  Lets then be rid of the seeds of uncertain doubt in your own significance and make your worthy mark as said society expects, it is not however guaranteed to penetrate the who you know, leg-up expediency to by-pass the barrier to success, for that there are only two known defences nepotism oh and a willingness to practise little bit of rudery. Though do feel free to bandy my own luminary nom de fame kit kats, why consider it a perk and it may well dispense with the necessity for the latter". Why I just love changing lives.

You know I smell a cracking re-make of smashing success story, The 101 fashionable felines

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