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Good day my fine friends today’s picture is of a day of a much sunny nay! scorching potential as I and my pet pal partook in larks, cracked gags and fair frollicked about in girth gripping glee state but sadly twas overcast with the threat of oppressive clouds of depression from the direction of the sour puss with the cold front of petulant miff type in the background who was a most disagreeable companion. 

Yes he was of swanky high falutin ancestry type hence his stance resembling that of a heraldic beast.  The bounder was inflated with a self-importance.  He imparted to lesser hoi polloi, through his inadvertent art of mime, that he was far too superior to partake in a spot of tomfoolery with the rougher elements. You must have chanced upon the type.  He bandied this supposedly eminent state not only upon my good-self but upon his sibling the black sheep-not-cat of the family.  He chuckled not a jot, mustered up no mirth and was as much fun as a three day toothache.

In these times of modernity and global gloom and despair one has to ward of despondency states and therefore balance a sense of obvious responsibility with moments of glee inducing larks.  Some might perhaps find this through the pursuit of a nugget of light entertainment or bringing about the aforementioned cracking of reasonably wholesome gags.  It could be argued that to constantly harbour a miff or disgruntle at affairs may incur ailments of serious malady and can has been evidenced on many a M'Chap or M'Laydee wreak enough havoc on a face to create furrows fit to bear an annual harvest of root vegetables. 

There should be a mandatory obligation that the interminably dull are not allowed amok the goodly public as thrusting a dour countenance on the perhaps already blighted to add to their burdensome woes is tantamount to the crime of assault

Suffice to say the good Lord kitted us out with exceptional dentistry to not only aid the mission of woo but because he had the foresight also to bestow us with the potential, through the partaking in more than the occasional bout of bellyaching guffaws, to heal and ward of cankers and thought twould be a more pleasant experience for witnessing parties if unsightly array of dentates was not in evidence therefore the aforementioned interminably dull take heed.

Painted smiles, and tears of clowns spring to mind, laughter heals and is essential especially when goings are tough.

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