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Good day my fine friends today’s picture is of yes another on my periodical installations for pleasuring you the good public and if I incidentally reap a fruitious bounty due to my luminary Brand nom de fame I do get pleasured also, I merely reap what I sow.

I will not be relating personally direct but you may now enjoy the interviewing of yours, luminary, truly by both Honor Stee the assistant, but aspiring, editor to the esteemed medium of digital gripe The Peoples Choice and Austin Tayshush the renowned critical Oracle of the Arts.

Honor Stee - "You have now a number of works under your money errm artistic belt but have you never drawn inspiration from the such masters as Rodin, Michelangelo Tintoretto, movements as modernism, post modernism or any other sector of the Arts."

LemMe Out - "Yes, Yes absolutely, often, though my most esteemed muse is the anti-establishment entertainer but artistic Rebel Anthony Hancock, such style such genius and never once did he fall prey to a compromised principal, nay! his tortured genius sadly favoured and succumbed to an early demise rather than fall prey to for example, a stint in a celebrity jungle". 

Austin Tay shush-  "May I say first say what an honour it is to be sat saturated in your luminary aura".

LemMe Out   - "Yes you're most fortunate, I like to say I feel the same."

Austin Tayshush - "Why thank you, I’m immensely overwhelmed"

LemMe Out - "I believe I said I’d like to, you hasty sycophant, but alas I find no reason to do so."

Austin Tayshush- "Oh, a rebuff from such a renown I must organise a dinner party without haste".

Honor Stee - "What do you think art contributes to society today is it relevant in the onslought of economic depression
when homes and lives are lost en almost epidemic mass."

Lemma Out - "Why, yes tis a sad state of affairs but lets not dwell lest we get melancholly and phew thankfully there are those who are able to acquire my fruits.  There is not the time to discuss the entire possibilities of benefits to mankind but to be brief art whether of classic or modern form brings something personal to each individual, some merely, but admirably rather than hypocritically acclaim it, scorn it.  Others scorn it through a riddling of an envious trait, others have no desire to bring about any ponder, however slight, on its being due to the expending of time on other pursuits, why! a body cannot be mustering up comparable opinions of forms, linears, movements, medium etc, etc, etc, when one is in baited breath for one illusive number to grab the jackpot at the local bingo emporium so to these types it offers nothing whereas to others to others it might for example supply one with, an otherwise lack of, conversation at a soiree gathering of intimate acquaintances.   Did you know even Atheists have been know to benefit tremendously from art due to the ability to discourse an appreciation of the works of the aforementioned masters despite the contradictory divine content, another type might feel at one with its creator through a connection due to a genuine appreciation of its beauty and at the very least any piece might lend a complementary air to a lengthy shag pile, or textured drape in any abode".  

Honor Stee - "Swiftly, before we comment on your latest installation, how would you describe yourself you’re hardly Bohemian with your highly merchantable cash cow brand machine and it has been heard to be said that you have a hubristic manner."

LemMe Out - "I’m a Maverick and let non dispute it, I neither conform nor kick against compulsion, I simply be and as to the preposterous aspersions regarding my public air, I say poppycock, and further that such viles fruits have been plucked from the vine of sour grapes, I am merely humble but with a level of confidence to display my very self".   Hubristic indeed, sour grapes nothing less".

Honor Stee -  "Well thankfully, errmm I have a further appointment in an hour and if I don’t grab a cup of cappuccino without delay I shall not be able to fend of a disinterested air and bout of slumber, So, about your latest installation".

LemMe Out -  "Hmmm a cupocappuchino, cupocappuchino, cupocapuchinio why it brings about an effervescent buzz by its very sound.   Yes, yes lets not digress, this latest piece is part of my recent series of which you are, or ought to be well, aware that I am concerned with mans inhumanity to man and beast and the insignificant transience of man in the natural scheme of things.  When man has long gone there will be remnants of nature that survives corporate savagery yes I like to feel there’s some substance to my work."

Honor Stee - "Well you’ve certainly become a person of substance with your brand errm art wouldn’t you say".

LemMe - "Well this piece is admittedly a cashy collaboration, albeit with my canine chum so not strictly too lucrative, for yours truly here but I’ll knock up another in a jiff, its just channelled you see I cannot help it once the floodgates open I beaver away with odds and ends and as you can see the occasional pet and voila.  Well errm to stem an over informative verbal ebb I will continue, yes this work by its very title shows this pet in its defiant stance informing its human that to scald would in truth be hypocritical."

"His majestic poise shows how `no more` will nature and his pets be ruled by man, why already said man has borne witness to the wrath of the elements for his lack of respect well here we can foresee how beasts not merely worms will turn, why twill be like Hitchcock’s Birds man will attacked and feasted on incessantly by natural creature". 

"The plinth of ebony shade suggests the, now not so chummy but darker, worrld and indeed tendency of those very pets and the imploding of all as we know it into a black hole which tis square as tis abstract and is only merely representative and was a fiscally beneficial piece of equipment if truth be told."

"The lack of man signifies his insignificant presence and his significant absence in a still evident but now desolate world.  The tattered and scattered medium represents, with its content, the entire material world, whether it be accessory, fripperies, overpriced mass produced `unconventional` garb, habitat pieces of yes often cheery type and commercial crookery transactions, yes every materialistic glutt is within this shredded state of pages.   I harbour an overwhelming desire to display the ultimate freedom of all men in a new work but sadly tis not something I truthfully prophesise as I feel devastation en masse will put paid to that.  On a positive note did you every see such stony magnificent defiance in a beast". 

Honor Stee - "Well actually it reminds me of a knick knack I recently acquired from my local purveyor of garden knick knacks, its highly resistant to a moderation of foul weather and keeps the door ajar, a real bargain, yes it bears a striking resemblance perhaps you supply them."

LemMeOut - "I shall not allow, surely envious, scorn and ridicule to sully my art, to continue I chose this natural hue for the ultimate canvas as it represents the barren sands left when the life giving waters have all gone, I did symbolise their current polluted state with the aid of my pet pal but the stench was apparently offensive to public taste.  A rescue remedy, of divine intervention, not apothecary type or the miracle discovery of a respect gene is all we can hope for". 

Austin Tayshush - "It surpasses everything you have done, I am humbled, immensely humbled and extremely gratified to follow in the wake of your presence".

LemMe Out - "Tis my purpose to give you purpose and I do it splendidly and that, Miss Stee, is not hubristic it was merely the aforementioned and much deserved confident air"

Honor Stee - "Yaaaawn well it was errrmm interesting, I think, I must go now to hastily imbibe a double espresso with an Americano no-milk chaser as I think a mere cappuccino will be a waste of coppers, effort, beans and slave labour".

Austin - "I’m going to muster up an assortment of loose ender pseudo-intellectualls this very night, now who has miffed me off the most recently, hmmmm"

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