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Good day my fine friends today’s picture is another from my pre entertainment days when I was the world renowned top boffin Prof Knutt Job and my academic acquaintance here was the highly revered Prof Madog.   We were socially conscious young boff chaps, believed we could change the world, rid it of blights, but due to negligent state husbandry, a chain of catastrophes followed and well the blights became too numerous to harness and control.  

What a pair of mavericks we were even then, yes my old mate Mad once boldly strode among a gaggle of luminary profs flaunting his attire of lab garb of a shade, he called mutinous, mauve whilst simultaneously and highly devilishly sporting contact lenses, bold as brass the bounder, didn’t bat an eyelid, well thats not entirely a truth but non one of the intermittent bats could be attributed to anything other than a consequence of cornea agitation from the cosmetic optical appliance.  Suffice to say, there followed a resulting ripple of after-shock waves throughout the laboratories in more than 15 countries from which no less than 150 catastrophic distractions occurred as the experimental elite were so ruffled due to the rebellious kafuffle.   Numerous experiments were subjected to ruination and valuable apparatus suffered detriment either through clearly repercussive accidental blunder or enraged furies causing wanton destruction of such non-conventional non-compliance. 

Madog attempted to redeem his blackening character by publishing in a monthly periodical, for only intelligent types, that the hue of his garb was not merely a frivolous, but admittedly fetching, tint why 'twas of a compound formulated in its entirety by an eminent and scientific mind, and then the now renowned reprobate had the audacity to state that all those brilliant types not in this know should be outed in shame.  The contact lens, well, yes he conceded that was nothing more than a dalliance with vanity for the sheer heck of it but without the occasional said non compliance boundaries cannot be broken for benefiting mankind.  Thankfully the 42 words of specific apology he was sadly instructed to publish, and his renewing of his oath to only sport white or walk away from his lifelong vocation, ensured his reputation was salvaged.
I fondly recall another incident whereby we were experimenting with lab concocted edibles and after labouring  excessively without respite for three days, my innards griped with such intent it brought about a momentary distraction, during said distraction I overlooked also the river of spittle wending its way into my Petri dish which brought about an instant incident of global reaction.  

From all corners of the world they came, media types, notables, exceptional minds there was a glut of them all who set up camp from where they watched outside quarantined quarters with baited breath for two months to see what new culture had been spawned from my banana flavoured pizza base which 'twas globally agreed' had definitely taken on a life form of its own cocky doing.

After the aforementioned two month lapse of time, a relatively new young boff on the block whom I had always harboured the notion he bore an unwarranted and bitter resentment to my good self and had always cast a maliced eye in my direction, was hell bent on tumbling me from the global glow of newly acclaimed limelight.  The cad apparently had brought to his recall a moment when I had not only yearned for but been vociferous about demanding fodder to stave off hunger pangs and had ordered no less than three dozen donuts, two planks of nut riddled choclatl and a carrot for a nutritional boost. Apparently the aspiring upstart having no recollect of a Kleenex - drool conquer, put two and two together came up with a globally coveted answer and suffice to say yours truly was forcibly instructed to circulate an apology that filled in its entirety the aforementioned periodical completely for two consecutive months whilst the disciplinary committee conferred on my potentially clouded future.

Well unperturbed and always one want to look for the silver linings, bright sides and all that palaver and given that I had had my exceptionally handsome head turned towards the path de fame both due to the months of media attention but also the fact I had simultaneously started to succumb to a lure of a star studded lifestyle through the enforced assimilation of celebrity twaddle at supermarket checkouts, (there is no was known escape.)    Yes months of exposure to said celebrity-tat-for-celebrity-sake and I was brainwashed to a point where I no longer cared about formulas and could only harbour thoughts of fripperies and so to the loss of the scientific world but the gain of you the good public I embarked on the roller coaster of variety entertainment and public pleasuring as you now know it.

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