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Good-day my fine friends today you see the results of an admittedly, at first, over zealous act of razor art on my part but that rapidly digressed into a hypnotic and uncontrollable frenzied state of action to which I was not intently a party to.    Yes the predicament we witness here was brought about by the `initially soothing` hum of the electrical implement that appeared to take on a mind of its own after its bewitching lullaby interfered with my, I publicly declare, malleable mind.    I hold my hand up 'twas my own, irrepressible urge, to tamper with tresses did initiate the chain of events, but I vehemently adhere to my defence of longstanding-non-supported addiction as alas there is no known support group for folks affected by this plight.   Yours, earnestly seeking salvation, truly did endeavour to start one but the seven members attended through either idle curiosity, lack of quality digital entertainment on Tuesday nights or bribe from undisclosed source and non ever returned through an apparent displeasure at the `complimentary new makeover` they received.

Well back to my buff-ridden buddy here, all was fairing to a perfectly reasonable degree until said hypnotic intervention due to the incessant, but agreeable, yes lets not tell falsities, hummmmmmm from the tools of my tress trade that resulted in the removal of more than an apparently acceptable amount of pet covering.  The situation worsened when the said hummmmmmm then maliciously played unforgivable tricks with my mind whereby I was under the assumption an attack from a swarm of bees was imminent.   Well one malicious little winged assassin alone does have the power to render me into a state of limb flailing, extreme shrieking, forget the women and children first malarkey, mad dashing wreck so to envisage great big air-galloping herds of the little buzzers brought about horrific visions of bee-man that the inquisitive allure of the Tinterweb had once thrust upon my faint hearted foppish self.

I informed M’Laydee, who held proprietary rights to the pet, that all injuries were localised therefore not too serious and easily and rather pleasant, that’s a relatively new addiction, to attend to and a quick surf on the web had brought no less than 689,9976,998 results to reassure all concerned parties that re-growth was a surety and in most instances rapid  ………………………….unless........ there had been a traumatic effect on the nervous disposition, well I was far too remotely displaced by this point to know whether this little nugget was of any benefit.  

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