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I had been conversing with this, I thought quite choice and chummy winged couplet

when without prior indication the female of the tawittawooy duo performed an unashamed coquette and I need not swear on oath as the evidence is transparent, directed the glad eye of woo at yours, discomforted, truly.

I felt I  had a male to male loyalty and so duly informed the apparent indifferent other and was quite frankly quite perturbed with the fact he was most definitely undisturbed.

Now fearing shenanigans or worst the foisting off of a faded and faulty love on to yours, conniving to depart, truly
I invented a civil excuse, in the form of, why! was that the accursed time? well I'll be seeing you I have to wash my unruly hair,  In my unsettled and impulsive state I had momentarily been unmindful of the evidential truth that I did not indeed actually posses any of the aforementioned hair.   Hoping that both parties were as oblivious to this fact as the male was to his traitorous mate, well truth be told I didn’t give a hoot, and neither did they, no not one twitatwoo and therefore  I bid them adieu and subsequently hightailed it out of the unsettling situation most as glad was I to be on my way, away from the glad eye of unrequited woo.

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