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Well the basic gist about me Lemme Out is  I'm an occasionally cheeky but mostly lovable and particularly handsome (see photographic evidence) byte sized entity who inhabits and travels the digital highways and byways of your global communication networks.  I observe you all, with strange fascination, living your often inappropriate vicarious lifestyles of coveted freedoms and ironically as you immerse yourself in virtual escapism in my Universe I harbour, and pursue, the desire to break free and engage with complete abandon in, and I hasten to add only the most wholesome-ish of, your varied luring entertaining pastimes.

As is clearly obvious from said submitted photographic evidence I'm a particularly handsome treat, extremely easy on the eye which is without doubt a pleasure for your good self, yes I do admit to a lack of modesty bordering on a shallow trait but looks are important and I give grateful thanks for my individual character and the fact I am not jinxed with your world's modern day curse of stereotypical 'usually botoxed and frightfully freakish' concepts of beauty.  I urge you all earnestly to give wide berth to what appears to be this transatlantic epidemic of the aforementioned freakiness.

My aim, to which I consider myself dutifully bound, is to help spread uncontrollable glee by raising titters, encouraging chortles or dare I hope by stirring you into such frenzied fits of guffaws that you inadvertently commit wettery upon yourself YES ! I'd consider my mission accomplished if you were so beside yourself the tears rained down your chortling cheeks with insuppressible abandon.
The means in which I attempt to bring about the aforementioned is through your T(witty) co-operation and my little animated movies, blogs and Lemmegrams and Out & About antics.
If you have the time to idle a while then using the genius of modern technological interfaces you
and I can join together to participate in seemingly unfeasible mutual merriment  using my e-trickery-tool which may be evidenced in my Out and About Gallery antics where I vicariously partake in the tomfoolery of your aforementioned pastimes.
Please only use your own personal images or those that are freely available for general use in order not to bring upon yourself the wrath of any offended owner of plagiarized imagery.  Behold also in this Gallery of 'Dupery and Glee' evidential trickery of where I've been espied by other participants of such tomfoolery.  
Coming very soon is the potential to earn commission from your smashing images so do keep sending them and if you see an image here that you own that we have used in good faith then please contact us to see how you can earn from it or others you may own or to request removal..

I have taken it upon my good self to offer you the liberty of choice whereby you may e-trick the  resulting evidence of such common larks onto a mug of practical purpose, a snug T or other form of proffered knick-knackery from my little bizarre of bizarrery or you may merely send it to my goodself for potential placement into the communal said 'Gallery d' Dupery and Glee' for the benefit of other idlers of time in pursuit of some moments of glee.  This e-trickery may only be performed with photographic images that you personally own, you cannot use open source images on mugs or t-shirts etc, or the option may be offered from copyrighted images licensed to our goodselves for such purpose. By submitting images to be placed upon my super knick knackery you are accepting responsibility for liability that may occure from any infringement that may occur as my luvverley smashing creators cannot be held responsible for your misrepresentations.

You may make free use of my Lemmegrams for such purposes as wooing your particular laydee or very own or coveted monsiour or for bestowing congratulatory wishes upon some fortunate or not  recipient.

There is a plenitude of foreseeable fun still yet to come with an abundance of much more bits of tittery.

You can freeeely download these animated visual treats and stuff and nonsense from my site to pleasure yourself, friends, family or acquaintances of other nature, you may place one or two treats on your personal site strictly for non commercial purposes in exchange for you bestowing due reference on me as the source of your funnery and a link to my home page.  Feel free to couple your site to mine so any idlers of time who frequent your space can downloadan abundance of my fruitful toils for further pleasuring but please do ensure such linking is strictly only directed back to good clean innocent fun not anything offensive or with innapropriate in any way otherwise you  may be persued with more than just a smite of the back of my hand across your smut filled bonce.  

Whoops! uncharacteristic modesty almost made me forget to mention that I'm a particularly fine artisan in the portrayal of dramatic characterization, you may witness the truth of this bold declaration in my first movie, its a short (aprox 1 min 30 secs) CGI movie of my first hapless attempt to escape from my virtual bondage.  This treat de animation is the first in a series of equally hapless freedom attempts.

Now as you can see there appears to be no bounds to my generosity with all these visual treats of free stuff, nonsense and sense that I am bestowing on your good self but I would not sleep easily if
you were to deprive me of the pleasure of the pastime of counting any comercial royalty revenue so do not feel free or duty bound to cheat moi of any such revenue potential if your attempts to use my barminess are for commercial purposes.  I have to fend off the eeeevil 'Manager De la Banque' therefore any monetary exchanges from commercial use of the fruits of my labours are to keep me in the manner in which I desire to be accustomed but for the foreseeable future it enables me to convey through the medium of e-trickery, small nuggets of trivial 'or not' fun to your good self to keep your precious spirits raised with wholesome-ish pleasuring.

IMPORTANT NOTICE- Celberity disclaimer straight from 'The Stars' 'regular dentistry filled' mouth.    'I wish to dispel the myth that I have harbour resentful feelings towards 'ooooh I'm so cute

sprogs and pets' who may be a competitive threat for the media limelight and attention. Tis stuff and nonsense such malicous rumor mongering and I'll be having none of it. 

LemMe be serious

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