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  Ah! this was an entrepreneurial venture that never came to pass and was brought to being through perpetual and somewhat tedious evidence of desperado divas practicing every known shenanigan to attract, undeserved, media exposure, albeit with a more successful and guaranteed coverage ratio than that of the robes they almost sport.   My initial vision of wisdom was, if valuable hours usually spent on said shenanigans, surgical enhancements, and trowelling on of the masque de farce were calculated and redirected to endeavors of artistic merit then the coveted media coverage would be of superior quality and of sustainable guarantee.   There are two apparent flaws with this initial vision, first the chances of said celeb having the math capacity to cope with such a calculation and more importantly yours truly would not reap fiscally lucrative benefit. Therefore my second vision was the favoured and foremost choice whereby I would provide 'oooh I’m not satisfied I’m so cute so now I'm performing', pets to said celebs for a number of reasons including the particularly petit pups would double as the usual fashionable accessory and would provide the entertaining art they appear to be losing grasp of, but woooa! lets not lose grasp of the fact some never possed it anyway and also I as entertainments and events manager of said mini marvels would enjoy the kerchingability for my efforts.

So without delay I yoogled and gahooed the digital consumer arena until I was hypnotised into total confusion but finally found at www.performingpetproductsinc.com a wonderful gravel mat for my first client collaboration choreography exercise.

The said mat worked a treat and the pretty little pets danced like Michael flatley on bonus though the one rogue pup had a tendency to boast and steal the show and therefore repeatedly refused to adhere to the strictly coordinated synchronisation. These seemingly snowy haired bundles of sweetness were not as appearances showed and when not depositing their body weight in innards waste, no doubt performance enhanced due to the vigorous rhythmatic maneouvres working the puppish metabolism to optimum output, which then wreaked havoc with the time schedule as delays incurred whilst I stealthily dug for the lost bits of mat grit, thankfully though only possessing three fingery digits they are endowed with elongated nails for super scooping prowess.

The little adorable dupes nipped my legs with toothy grips akin to a lobster clutching its tanked coral bed on having espied a bubbling pot, my mummified leg bears testament to this fact and sad to say venture collaboration collapsed and yours truly was about 8 dollars out of pocket, it would have been more but I dug for a few hours more or should I say a few dollars more.
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