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Good day  my fine friends,  

Today’s picture is of sombre nature, a state we do not normally wish to entertain in LemMe’s realm of utterly barmy glee bestowing but for once I felt the necessity to selflessly thrust said glee inducing entertainment to one side and practice some intervention of this sadly tragic misfortune you clearly see evidenced here.  You bear witness to a brave but forced portrayal of a facial expression of a cheery chipper countenance but clowns tears and painted smiles mockingly taunt my minds always seeing optical.   My not-so-fetchingly-fanged feline friends plight is an affliction of, not only a foul mouth, not I wish to hastily impart the type of foul of grubby mouthed incessant expletives from questionable entertainment types who get paid fortunes for such while tourette suffers are scorned upon and given berth of offensive width, but! non the less, foul.   This then this subsequently inflicts upon the innocent public the unsightly display you evidence above which again in subsequentness subjects my poor puss pal to public scorn. Why tis such a vicious and confusing circle of states.  Yes the world recognises and responds to only beautiful types tis sad but tragically true, thankfully yours exceptionally handsome truly has not fallen foul (pardon the pun) of such tragic affliction or public reaction as I fall into the demograph of publically accepted type.   Such state of said friend however is so severe that when  circulating complementary commentary on his numerous other fine and admirable characteristic traits to potential `objet's de woo` it highlights a fine border of potential misrepresentation and has sparked many a legal debate to state `he still has his own teeth`.

This badly blighted dentistry leads to, intermittent and battled with, envy from my pal at the sight of my own exceptionally regular and much admired own orthodontic array.  His foul face, no disrespect to my otherwise fine friend, also could, but thankfully I have fought it, make my good self susceptible to feelings of superiority or discomfort in my pals presence due to my Super Star state and super spangly smile but thankfully I fought any such urges and it no longer is an issue.

Yes I am a true pal and though I cannot bear to look upon,  what!    tis human nature to be repulsed, yes wrong admittedly, but still human nature non the less, this unsightly and remember bravely contrived smile, I have spent a number of slumber-less nights searching for a suggestion to solve this state and voila the Universe did answer my cries for help and suggest to me to peep at the poor pal pet through partially closed fingers when in parley position, which I assure you when yours, true friend, truly, is in possession of only three fingered appendages which are not nearly enough to  enough to block out the offensive sight it shows the. full to brimming. shared cup of brotherhood love LemMe is conjoinedly drinking from.

Well pet pal wishing to capitalise one last time from the renaissance of all things of feline fame desires to sport a superior set of spangly wooing tools so we have decided to embark on a campaign of charitable quest to curry up coffers in order that my once-famed. now-shamed Star pal can be speedily equipped, in same day style service. with a smashing set of spectacularly spangly gnashers.  We need to raise the not too princely sum of $1200 dollars which will enable him to enjoy one last fling at said feline fame and flirting with coveted fancies of wooing type when enhanced with a pair of duplicitous but dashing denture coverings.

With presumptuous gratitude we thank you for your benevolent donations of, and I firmly state only fiscal type as my pal though reduced to charitable state is choosy and has no taste in fact, utmost distaste, to sport recycled sets of choppers, why it should be mandatory that all bodies be kitted out with a fresh set of such social display out of matter of basic dignity, why tis abominable that such basic dignities are lacking through lack of fiscal aid, well, unless such lack resulting in disfigured state is through ones own reckless tend and combined gluttonous embarkment on spice banquets.

Fresh fangs for afflicted feline foundation
LemMeOut Towers
Somewhere amok the Tinterweb

What,  what’s that you state you cad , why of course mine own are not a set of such dupes, why I could sink my set into your arm or leg with no fear of partial displacement or total loss and twould take no less than a team of tough types to prise me off,   such impertinence indeed!   I practise only a beneficial charitable gesture and it does bring nothing but cynical chopper conspiracy type comment, I swear my flabbers gasted.
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