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Good day my fine friends today’s picture is of my two, no longer, buddies and I.   We had embarked on a watery jaunt to noodle us up a whopper of a an aquatic pet.  Yes we were partaking in the manly sport of foraging about murky depths and scooping up, in one fell swoop, a beast of a piscine type trophy with nought but our mannish bare hands and after being. in no small way. a party to this humongous feat evidenced above, yours truly now states "err always on the charming side of, and beware the wrath of, LemMe with his Herculean hunter hands.

Sporting saucy headpieces we wallowed and waded for such a lengthy passage of time to pick up some prey it wreaked unruly havoc upon both my ambling extremities and the aforementioned Herculean appendages, yes my, usually in fine fettle, feet and hands took on a corrugated appearance which due to such unsightliness cast a blight on my posing for this prize pic lest it should affect my handsomeness.

Our coveted booty was a catfish of humongous proportion and as is evidenced we were not disappointed in our quest due I suspect to an imperfection on this fraudulent fish that purports to be of feline origin.    They are prone to scavenging mainly on the beds of its aquatic expanse due to, as well as a weighty headpiece, the usual bladder-type buoyancy bag being bereft of gaseous content, such that due a lack of said content it renders this beast almost bed bound.    Fortuitously for our good selves it must have been fated with a flatulent fault as after an eternal passage of time to which your truly did let it be known my temper was disgruntled ir rose sufficiently that we threel in a masculine and feisty frenzy finally fished up our fishy friend.

Here you see yours truly, I swear I thought, moments away from becoming a fishes feast as I was forced against my will to hold up Nemo, Moby-Dicky, Willy whoever’s feasting tackle and what I assumed was a rather smashing moustachioed piece.   Midst my admiration for this facial fancy thingy I was informed "They are barbles you buffoon and they harbour the buds from which he tastes his titbits".    Well I did a hasty mental calculation that I could be in the food chain due to my titbitty size and therefore my, usually rather fetching, knees, buckled not only due to my not-overly-developed  muscular regions lacking necessary bulk bearing equipment but to a fear of becoming a potential aquatic pet feast.

Well not long after this fine picture captured our triumphant trio we partook in another, I assume brand new, water sport of a bout of aquatic fisticuffs and tough type tussles as my buddies wanted, would you believe, to relieve the beast of its innards and stuff it with fluff or whatever odds and ends go in such taxidermy type trophies and mount it, for all to bear the gloating of their bounty.  Well yours. more than a bit miffed, Nay my dander was well and truly up, truly did bring to their negligent attention the fact that. as you can bear witness, that due to, le-beasts, colossal form and commercial potential for consumables my goodself was all for nipping of to the local monger of fishy nibbles and earning a boast-worthy prize of a princely-sum and converting the catch to one of cacao treats as this prize pet would be perfect for the goodly public with fries, frites, chips whatever.  Suffice to say that in my defeat I hobbled off home having gained nothing more than a ruination-by-wrinkle of my pretty hands and feet.
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