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Good day my fine friends, today’s picture is of another of my benevolent exercises to boost the confidence of yet another down in the dumps chum, why it feels as if the world is awash with such.

Yes! I heed your incredulous cry “is there no foreseeable end to your incessant random acts of kindness LemMe“   Well I say “no dear readers, no visible end as ‘tis my lot in life in to recompense for my luminary state and exceptional handsomeness by bringing a little ease to any blighted minds whether in merely relating a tale to bring a moments distraction from the daily grind and dare I hope to raise a titter, to advising a fashionably challenged type or aiding a freefalling, sadly only mere, celeb with a stunt of publicity purpose, whatever! I endeavour in earnest to deliver this message so take heed good public that no matter how many times this old life does knock the stuffing out of one, tis important to maintain a positive air therefore you must display only a most socially acceptable beam on your, yes admittedly aching to be sour, countenance hence an exceptional set of dentates is of the paramount importance as twould not be fair to bestow a blighted unsightly grimace on an inspecting party nay! twould be almost a criminal act. 

Further, a perfect array of such masticulators are the ultimate tools of woo, why with a fine set of dentates literally all that move are unable to resist the charm offensive of a flash of such wooing gear. 

Why! I have just been enlightened to the fact there throughout time there has been a significant lack and as such I will rectify that with my announcement that I LemMe Out will be the self-proclaimed God of exceptional dentistry and wherever I see an unsightly or disfigured array I pledge to you the good public I will strive to my utmost potential to bring about a rectifying state.

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