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Good day my fine friends today picture and accompanying tale are once again of my-close, but publicly anonymous, acquaintance of, I am able to verify, exceptionally handsome type.   Yes you are about to embark on another incident resolved by that enviable vision of luverliness superSTARhero.   The gorgeous bounder had been called to attend to a plight that required emergency rectification but, at both the time of the cry for help and his timely arrival, all were still in a quandary due to a state of uncertainty as to who, the prone pup, or to be pitied public, was indeed the victim of the undoubted plight and potential criminal offence.

My instructed brief simply stated bring redeeming briefs without delay.  Well fortuitously my dear old mom had a spare pair of kecks she had knitted during the transatlantic epidemic of freefalling Celebs practising unsavoury larks in want of publicity therefore armed with the highly-arresting knit I sped with haste to kit out the offending cad in order to ensure the only arrest was that as just referred to of the attraction qualities of my mothers comely and gratuitous wares, and not of possibly unlawful puppyish practises kind.

At the scene of the questionable, and unmentionable therefore only referred to through the gesticulating art of surreptitious-nod-of-head-at-offending-matter mime, display 'twas a conundrum as to whether the plight was the one of a deliberate assault on the undeserved public or had the said pup in its prone state fallen foul of a faint, or perhaps a worse fate, therefore subjecting the unsuspecting party of innocent bystanders to a worrisome predicament.

The petit-pet was nudged, only the good Lord, literally, knows where due to an abashed diversion of ocular equipment, and on his rousing he was dutifully informed that the majority consensus was that he was dress promptly in the comforting, to all parties, pants in order rectify his slumbered assault on the-world-and-his-wife and he was then dutifully questioned to determine a deliberate intent or totally innocuous, but non the less offensive, occurrence.
Well dear readers, lounge back, inhale a hearty sigh of relief and rest assured as it transpires 'twas nothing more than a consequence of a plush furnishing yielding to the latent and languishing puppy in his dozed activity that resulted from a succession of involuntary but pleasant visions in his dreamy state   Yes the sumptuous surrounds had undulated causing an unintended pitch and roll whereby the young and wholly innocent bundle of cuteness had ended up belly-up and oops! breaching the peace.

Laugh! all parties lolled and rolled around the opulent upholstery with such uncontrollable abandon that there was a displacement of its plumped innard fillings which displeased the habitat owner immensely, and the streaming rivers of glee-induced-salted-gushes brought about a spoil of little known blight of salt-ring whereby tear residue caused prominent random markings to the plain textile which would undoubtedly cause unspeakable embarrassment at dinner parties.  A number of garments, including one of a design that had not been publicly witnessed for a few decades, were loosened to bring relief to girths gripped rigid with glee in order to retain a modicum of comfort whilst suspended in this hilarity state, and all breathed a sigh of relief that issues of rude-y nature had not trespassed onto their domain.

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